Our primary concern is getting you the best deal we can. That means a number of things, including making sure your possessions are safe, delivered on time, and that your move doesn’t break your budget. With our international groupage arrangements, we can save you a heap of cash on moving costs.

The most effective way to ship your items internationally

Getting your stuff from A to B with international shipping can be stressful if it isn’t done right – it takes a lot of time, energy, and – most of all! – your hard earned cash. That’s why the super efficient systems that we’ve developed over the years guarantee that you won’t be left out of pocket.

  • The most cost-effective way to move your items internationally
  • Keep all your items together throughout the international shipping process
  • Our international partners ensure the highest levels of service, wherever you are and wherever you’re going
  • The most joined-up service on the market
  • The best option for the environment

Keeping the planet green and your bank balance in the black

Caring for others is at the heart of everything we do here, and that also goes for the world we live in. Our international groupage systems make sure that our shipping has the lowest environmental impact possible, all while saving you money and getting your items where they need to go.


To find out how much you could save through international groupage, call us on 028 9078 1218

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